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A film by Mauro Vecchi
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Roman is a young latino newly arrived in Milan to rejoin his mother. He doesn’t speak much but in his silence we hear all his longing for his homeland, for some meaning. Until one day, spent like the others in the neglected jungle-feel outskirts of Milan, he meets Nora, a girl of Roman's age and origins. She lets him know about the Armada Latina, a feared and respected latin gang which he thinks might be the answer to his questions. However, before joining the new family he will have to go through a “baptism”.

Ph by Giacomo Bruno
director's note

Bautismo tells the story of Roman and Nora, two young latinos living on their own without any landmark, in the challenging urban environment of Milan. The suburban streets and parks are the centre stage, becoming a private jungle under the shadows of the tower blocks. This is where our protagonists find a safe heaven from the hermetic reality of the bustling and crowded metropolis, in which they find themselves misplaced, collateral, invisible.

At the same time, these places embody a symbolic echo of their homeland and of an ancient and primitive past, from which the initiatory ritual draws its roots. The “baptism” in a local latin gang is seen as the only way to find acknowledgment of their identity and a place in society.

The movie explores the primal instinct of belonging, even if it means losing one's identity. One aspect that inevitably drives to friendships as wrong and deviant as they may be, appearing in their minds as the only possible ones. The cast of Bautismo is entirely formed by non-professional actors, almost all these guys have somehow had a past linked to the gangs. This allowed the movie to tell both the fictional story line and their history.

making of
Ph by Giacomo Bruno

K48 is a production company founded in 2007 in Milan by Leone Balduzzi and Barbara Guieu. It has always been led by a strong research and experimentation in the audiovisual field, K48 produces films, documentaries, short films, commercials and branded content.

Play Rough Films, set up in 2018 by the director Mauro Vecchi, is aimed at creating and developing stories for art-house feature film projects.

La Polveriera is a consortium company that operates in the field of urban regeneration, the redevelopment of cultural heritage, and the production of social innovation. It is an active laboratory of social culture that transmits and produces beauty, to generate inclusion of everyone, from the most fragile. In Reggio Emilia, a former military structure was transformed into a multi-purpose center and returned to the community.
Simona Chiarello Ciardo
Mauro Vecchi
associate production
La Polveriera


Directed by
Mauro Vecchi
Written by
Luca Speranzoni, Mauro Vecchi
Executive Producers
Barbara Guieu Leone Balduzzi
Produced by
K48 Barbara Guieu, Leone Balduzzi
Play Rough Films Mauro Vecchi, Giordana Rabitti
La Polveriera Leonardo Morsiani
Associate Producers by
La Polveriera
Consorzio Oscar Romero
Dimora d’Abramo
La Vigna
Nuovo Raccolto
Mauro Chiarello Ciardo
Marcello Sanna
Color Grading
Orash Rahnema
Music Audio and Sound Design
Lorenzo Dal Ri
Trailer Sound and Music
Theme Music
Marco Shuttle
Production Designer
Stella Lombardo
Costume Designer
Lucia Gallone
Hair and Make-Up
Ida Coppola
Press and Festivals
Simona Chiarello Ciardo


Jayson Sami Alvarado
Erika Roldan Garcia
Ibrahim El Sayed
Justin Heredia
Roman’s Mother
Miriam Alvarado
Bully #1
Kevin Ulloa
Bully #2
Christian Ortega as
Bully #3
Douglas La Nota
Miguel Prado
Jimmy Chamba
Melvin Arquila
El Sikosis
Jorge Vera
Armada’s boys
Jordan Balcazar, Randy Espinoza, Brian Villanueva
Armada’s girls
Alysson Castro, Sasha Nieto, Ashley Saenz, Madelaine Zambrano
Jared Gamarra


Casting Director and Dialogue Coach
Giacomo Bruno
Casting by
Iso Studio Milano
Storyboard Artist
Matteo Figini
Still Photographer
Giacomo Bruno
Line Producer
Meg Belvedere
Production Manager
Marco Agnesi
Unit Manager
Lorenzo Croci
1st AD
Daniele Fagone
2nd AD
Francesca Valentini
1st AD (Second Unit)
Giada Bossi
Set Designer Assistant
Giulio Oliviero
Make-Up Artist Assistant
Arianna Beretta
Production Assistants
Alessandro Maffi, Valeria Pagani, Carlo Banfi, Alessandro De Agostini, Stefano Valdes
Steadycam Operator
Armando Avallone
1st AC and Focus Puller
Paolo Gobbi
1st AC Second Unit
Simone Felici
2nd AC and DAT
Davide Bongiorni
Eleonora Castiello
Sound Mixer
Ivan Mosconi
Boom Operator
Luca Roncoroni
Francesco Galli
Mario Miccoli, Luca Pardini
Key Grip
Luca Morini
Mustapha Mezzi, Claudio Perna
Audio Engineer Assistant
Tommaso Simonetta
Post Production Coordinator
Roberto Bella
Location Managers
Christian Oronzo, Emanuela Quaranta
Prop Master
Pierpaolo di Sotto
Vittorio Scalzotto, Rent Truck and Driver
Camera, Grip and Lighting Equipment
Movie People


“Flusso Dinamico”
Composed and Performed by Marco Shuttle
Published by Spazio Disponibile, © 2016 Spazio Disponibile
Written and Performed by Smokers
Music Agreement Consultant
Mike Corradi


The production and the director want to thank:
Ambrogio Meschini
Nico Chirico
Stefano Laveneziana
Piero di Caterina
Antonio Rugari
Caronte s.r.l.
Iacopo Carapelli
Luca A. Caizzi
Emanuele Foletti
Giorgio Nebbia
Annalisa Rabitti
Leonardo Morsiani
Beniamino Ferroni
Fernando David
Marco Sartorelli
Dion Verbeek
Cristiano Travaglioli
Sandra Campanini
Marco Righi
Mike Corradi
Simone Bordini
Andrea Seghedoni
Rocco Garrapa
S.E.A.D. Milan
Codici Ricerche
Joseph Moyersoen
Juvenile Court Of Milan
Very special thanks to:
Giacomo Bruno
Marlon Regalado
Douglas Regalado
Copyright © 2018 K48 and Play Rough Films. All Rights Reserved
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